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What’s the Minimum Amount You Should Drive Your Car?

Own a car but don’t frequently drive it? Well, you should know that it’s highly recommended to drive it every two to three weeks. Doing so will make it less likely for you to wind up experiencing problems like a dead battery or flat tire.
While many people claim that they let their car sit for months with no problems, your car will be better off when you drive it a few times a month for at least 10 miles with speeds of more than 50 mph. It doesn’t only warm up your engine, but it’ll get some exercise as well.

Idling your Car

While letting your car for 10 minutes will get your engine up to normal operating temperatures, it will only accomplish little. However, driving your car for several miles will get your transmission, suspension, power steering, brakes, climate system, and all the fluids up and running.

It is important to note that when you let your car sit idle, batteries will slowly lose their charge. And starting it will drain batteries more. That is exactly the reason why you should drive it for several miles so the battery will recharge.

If you let the car sit for more than a month, the battery will lose power that you may need to jump-start it before your car starts. To ensure that your vehicle will always start, consider getting a battery tender.

Why you shouldn’t let your Car Sit for Several Weeks or Longer

  • If your gas tank isn’t full, moisture can collect in the oil or gas tank over time, leading to corrosion.
  • Tires will slowly lose air, most especially during the cold weather. The car’s weight will keep pressing down on the tire, causing flat spots. To make the tires round again, adding air when necessary and driving the car will do the trick. Letting your vehicle sit for prolonged periods with underinflated tires will cause permanent flat spots.
  • Rodents may reside under the hood and exhaust outlets. They may munch on the wiring harnesses and other parts of the vehicle.

Using your car appropriately will help prevent future problems. Keep in mind that they aren’t meant to be displayed, but rather intended to be driven. Make your car last longer by regularly maintaining it and protecting it with the right insurance.

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