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Keeping a Garden at Home

Having a garden at home is more than just plants and flowers. Gardening is an excellent way of exercising and clearing your mind while transforming your yard to a more beautiful one. So go outside and start growing plants, vegetables, and flowers!
Don’t know where to start? Here are the factors you should consider when growing a garden:
  • The Climate. The climate in your area will determine the types of plants that grow best in your garden, as well as the necessary steps you need to take to keep it. In Florida, flowers like tulips, caladiums, cannas, and some types of lilies grow best. Palm trees (which are common in Florida) also grow well in the state, obviously. To know more about what to plant in your garden, refer to the USDA’s Hardiness Zone Map.
  • The Property. The shape and size of your garden will vary depending on the property you’re working with. Consider the areas around your yard and the amount of shade and sun they get. If you have a small outdoor space, you may grow a container garden instead.
  • Your Preference. We all have different ideas of a dream garden. Some people may prefer flowering plants, while others would prefer a vegetable garden. If you don’t have one in mind yet, you may look through gardening magazines or go on garden tours to help determine what you want.

As soon as you’ve determined what you want and need, consult professionals to help you finalize your plans, buy the plants you need, and instruct you on how to plant them.

Keeping your Garden

Your home garden will require regular maintenance to help it grow. It involves the following:

  • Dead-heading and Pruning. These include removing past-bloom flowers and dead branches to encourage more blooms and to keep your plants healthy. Make sure that you know how to dead-head and prune your plants because improper maintenance may harm them.
  • Fertilizing. Depending on the soil quality, you may need to use fertilizers. Have your soil tested by a plant expert. They will be able to suggest the right fertilizers and pesticides for your plants.
  • Watering. Water is a basic need of all living things. Thus, it is essential to the health of your garden. Determine your plants’ watering needs and establish a routine to ensure that they will get just the right amount.
  • Weeding. Weeds are an eye-sore in a garden, but they can zap nutrients and moistures from your plants. To control its growth, you’ll need to weed your garden regularly. Make sure that you don’t remove the entire weed, particularly the roots.

Growing and maintaining a garden at home can be expensive. That is why aside from protecting the structure of your home and its contents, you might want to include what’s on the outside (but on your property). Talk to your agent to know your options.

Sungate Insurance Agency provides insurance services and products that assist clients with all their needs. Our home insurance policies include coverage for the land (including your garden) and can be customized so that it will cover all your needs. Get a quote from us for free! Call us at (407) 878-7979 or visit us today.

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