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Business Insurance for Lawn Services in Florida  

What Does Business Insurance for Landscaping Businesses Cover?

Business Insurance for Lawn Services in Florida  Did you know that Florida gets, on average, 237 days of sunshine every year? And with that much sun, together with its warm and fairly moist climate, Florida has a lot of green grass! In other words, the Sunshine State provides plenty of opportunities for anyone interested in pursuing a career in lawn care.   


Whether you work as an independent landscaper or own a lawn service with multiple employees, it’s important to understand that the landscaping business can, unfortunately, be risky. It involves purchasing and maintaining expensive trucks, trailers, equipment, tools and supplies, as well as a physical location where you can store all those critical things. And more importantly, it involves working with potentially dangerous equipment, where accidents can happen to even the most experienced and careful landscapers.  

Insurance experts at an independent insurance agency can help you understand all of the various risks that you face as a landscaper, and then develop a customized policy that will financially protect you against those risks. For example, your insurance policy should offer sufficient protection in case: 

  • Your landscaping equipment accidently damages a home at or near where you are working 
  • A tool or piece of equipment is stolen off your trailer or from your warehouse 
  • One of your employees sustains an injury while landscaping for one of your clients 
  • You or your employee causes a traffic accident while driving the equipment truck to a job 
  • Your equipment is damaged or even destroyed during a storm  
  • A storm or hurricane floods your warehouse and destroys your landscaping supplies 

Even just one of these all-too-common accidents—most of which are not anyone’s fault and are hard to prevent—could spell financial disaster for your business, and maybe even you and your familyif you are not properly protected with the right business insurance policy.  

At Sungate Insurance Agency, our job is to make sure that you are protected with the right insurance policy so you don’t have to worry should the worst case scenario happen to you. 

Business Insurance Coverages for Lawn Services in Florida 

In general, landscaping and lawn services are considered “high risk” because of the potentially dangerous nature of the work and the expensive equipment involved. Therefore, your landscaping business will likely require more insurance than in usually included in other business policies. However, we can help you find a comprehensive policy that won’t undermine your bottom line!  

Coverages that your policy should—most likely—include are: 

  • General liability insuranceoffers financial protection against lawsuits stemming from injury (to a non-employee) and/or property damage caused by your lawn service 
  • Property insurance: provides financial protection in case your physical property—including warehouse space, trucks and equipment, tools, etc—is lost or damaged. 
  • Flood insuranceProperty insurance does not cover loss or damage caused by any type of flooding. In Florida, most insurance experts agree that lawn services (and all other businesses for that matterpurchase separate flood insurance.  
  • Workers’ compensation insurancecovers medical expenses and lost wages to your employees should they sustain an injury or workplace-related illness.   
  • Commercial auto insuranceprotects against financial loss in case your business vehicles are damaged, lost, or stolen, or involved in a traffic accident.  

Your specific insurance policy should be sufficient in both types and limits of coverages to fully protect you against the risks you face in your chosen line of work, as well as the amount of equipment you own, the number of employees you have, and the type of work you regularly take on. The right insurance policy will give you peace of mind, knowing that you, your business, and your family will be financially protected against accidents and other worst case scenarios. 

We’re here to answer your business insurance coverage questions.

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Business Insurance for Lawn Services in Florida  

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