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Why is My Transmission Acting Funny?

Automatic transmissions sure make driving a more relaxing and leisurely experience, but when they’re not functioning properly it can be quite frustrating. If your automatic transmission has been acting up check out the article below for more insight about what might be the problem.

Heavy Vibration

Heavy vibration happens when you are driving up the hill, or you have a heavy load. While there several reasons for a vehicle to vibrate,  this type of vibration will go away when you’re just idling.


Shuddering is when the car shakes while you’re driving. It would feel like you’re driving over a rough road even when you’re on a smooth highway.


Slipping happens when the automatic transmission slips in and out of gear or the engine revs up but goes much slower.

Neutral Drop-Out

Neutral drop-out is similar to slipping. It is a condition when the transmission switches into neutral when you come to a stop or when you drive at slow speeds. There may be instances when the transmission drops out of gear resulting in the revving up of the engine and then going back into gear.

What Causes Your Car To Act Funny?

There may be a lot of causes to the funny behavior of your car.  Among the most common causes are:

  • Leaks on transmission seals,
  • Mechanical damage,
  • Worn-out transmission,
  • Worn drivetrain components,
  • Faulty transmission and engine mounts,
  • Improper fluid, and
  • Electrical glitches

Is There Something You Can Do?

Most of the causes above would require a mechanic. But what you can do is to inspect the color, smell, and consistency of the transmission fluid. Note that low levels of fluid may cause slipping. Even though your car isn’t experiencing any one of the signs mentioned above, if the fluid is already slightly dark, you’d probably need an oil change.

If one or more of the signs we described earlier are present in your car, you need to see a specialist who is more than capable of diagnosing and repairing the problem. Note that diagnostic tests done on your car may vary in cost. But if your insurance covers it, then you don’t need to worry about the expense.

The best way to save on expenses is to have your car checked and maintained regularly. Don’t wait until the problem becomes bigger before you have it repaired.

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