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How to Handle Car Insurance When You Move To Florida

​If you are moving to Florida car insurance is probably not one of the most pressing issues on your mind. Is there a need to get new car insurance if you are moving to Florida from out of state?
​The answer for this is “yes,” but there is a significant caveat.
If you are moving to Florida, it can sometimes take up to a month to register your car and it can only be done after you move. It’s during that time that you can straighten out your car insurance situation. You can’t do it before moving.
A major piece of advice we can give you is to avoid cancelling your old car insurance policy before you set up the new one. Don’t cancel your original policy until you’ve fully replaced it with a new one here in Florida. It is illegal to drive without insurance in Florida and it can be very costly if you get into an accident.
Your policy may change after your relocation even if you stay with your original carrier. Florida may have different policies and laws that your old state does not have. It may subtract or add a few dollars from your monthly bill. Commuting more or less can also affect your premium. Moreover, your current car insurance provider may not be able to sell insurance in your new state, so it would be good to work with an independent agent here in Florida to get access to most or all of the carriers here.
If you moved to Florida, you should have a valid car insurance when you register your vehicle. Avoid registering your vehicle without getting car insurance first after moving.
Contact your insurance agent if you are moving to a new neighborhood or state. Know what you should ask or look out for if you are moving your vehicle.
Even if you are keeping the same drivers and vehicles on your insurance policy after moving, you should contact an agent here in Floriday so your plan will be correctly updated. A lot of factors may affect your auto insurance coverage when you move that may leave you vulnerable.
Is there a way I can save money on car insurance when moving to Florida?
Checking out all of the coverage options here in Florida will be the best way you can save cash on car insurance premiums when you move. A company you don’t have in your old state may offer multiple discounts that apply to your needs here in Florida. Check all the options in your area if you moved to a place that has notoriously high premiums such as a city like Orlando.
Even if your current car insurance provider offers a fair price in your new location, shop around for premiums from other companies with an independent agent to be sure you’re getting a fair deal. 
At the Sungate Insurance Agency we take pride in making sure anyone moving here to Flordia will be well-protected if they talk to us. To learn more about how we can help you please contact our agency at (407) 878-7979 or Click Here to request a free quote
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