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Making A Pet-Friendly Home

​​Pets need time, attention, and a safe living environment just like we do. Like humans, they need shelter, food, and water. Providing your pets with food and water is one thing, giving them a safe and comfortable home is another. Fortunately, there are many simple ways of turning a house into a pet-friendly environment.

There are many things you should consider when it comes to flooring: comfort, durability, and style. What’s important though is you should choose the best fit for you and your pet. Here are the best flooring options for your pets:

  • Bamboo. Bamboos are an excellent choice for homes with pets. That’s because they don’t wear out. They’re hard enough to handle foot traffic. Aside from that, they’re renewable and stain-resistant.
  • Concrete Floors. Bare floors don’t have to be dull and boring. Make concrete floors more durable by painting them.
  • New Luxury Vinyl. This type of flooring is better than regular vinyl because of its additional thickness. Also, it’s comfortable to walk on.
  • Stone. Stone floors are fantastic for pet owners as scratches won’t be visible. Additionally, it holds up against accidents. Keep in mind though that it can be cold and uncomfortable for pets to sit on.
  • Tiles. Tiles, especially ceramic tiles, are best flooring options for pets because they are easier to clean and resistant to stains. Aside from being scratch-free, the damage is unlikely when your pet has an accident. Although it’s uncomfortable for pets to lie on, rugs can help.


Being picky with your furniture can save you from stress and expenses down the road. Here are the best furniture materials for a pet-friendly home:

  • Leather. The leather is an excellent choice for furniture as it is durable and you can clean it easily.
  • Ultrasuede. Ultrasuede is a machine-washable microfiber material that is smooth and looks similar to real suede. It’s also stain- and discoloration- resistant material.
  • Crypton. Crypton is almost indestructible. It’s made of synthetic fabric that is resistant to bacteria, smells, stains, and muddy paws.

Cleaning Products & Equipment

When you have a pet at home, it is important that you clean often. Carpets and furniture must regularly be vacuumed to remove hair, especially when your pet is shedding.

Pet Spaces

  • Designate a space in your home where your pet can relax alone and sleep. Give your pet tidy and attractive toys for stimulation. When you give them their space, you wouldn’t have to worry about them lying around places where they don’t belong. Make sure that these places are hazard-free zones. Provide a cozy bed, safe toy(s), and water source.
  • Provide litter boxes places away from feeding areas – somewhere private but not too isolated. Chances are when your pet isn’t comfortable using a litter box, he/she won’t.
  • Build a fenced-in yard for safety precaution. That way, you wouldn’t have to worry about your pets running to the street or your neighbor’s yard.  This will also prevent them from biting passersby, which you will be held responsible for.

Pets bring joy to our home. Give them affection and provide a safe place for them to live. Use these tips to create a pet-friendly home that you can enjoy.

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