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6 Most Common Causes of Car Accidents & Injuries in Florida

​In spite of the development of improved safety features, around ten million people are involved in car accidents in the United States every year. Fortunately only a very small percentage are fatal, but the injuries often have a major impact on the lives of those involved. Some experts believe that the pace of modern life and increased use of technology such as smartphones means accident rates will increase over the next decade.
As well as physical injuries, car accidents can result in costly vehicle repairs, time of work and increased auto insurance premiums. Understanding the most common types of accident here in Central Florida can help you to change your driving habits and avoid them.

1) Driving too fast.
Studies indicate that as many as one in three car accidents are caused by speeding. Driving faster means you are at increased risk of losing control of your vehicle. Not judging your own speed and that of vehicles around you correctly is a common cause of collisions. Braking distances are extended if you drive faster, and you need to react more quickly if other vehicles slow down or stop.

Allowing a little extra time for your journeys is an easy way of reducing the need to speed to get to your destination. Drivers on business trips are particularly prone to speed to keep up with their daily schedules.

2) Lack of experience.
Younger drivers often complain about the high cost of auto insurance. Unfortunately there is strong evidence that a lack of experience leads to accidents, and this is why insurance companies charge higher premiums for young drivers. Like most skills, driving improves with experience. There’s no substitute for developing an awareness of what happens on the road and how to deal with different situations safely.

3) Drunk driving.
In spite of decades of campaigns to highlight the dangers of drinking alcohol and driving, over a million people are arrested for it every year in the United States. Even small amounts of alcohol can slow down reactions and impair driving ability, and it’s totally irresponsible to risk drinking before you get behind the wheel. Avoid temptation by booking a taxi or making other travel plans if you know you’re going to have a drink. If you believe someone you know is planning to drive after drinking, try to take their keys away.

4) Careless driving.
This is one of the hardest reasons to understand. Tailgating and aggressive behaviour on the road leads to thousands of collisions and injuries every year. Using cell phones while driving can increase the risk of accidents by as much as four times. Other distractions include eating, smoking and checking maps while driving.

5) Not wearing seat belts.
In spite of all the evidence about how they can reduce injuries in accidents on the road, millions of adults still don’t wear seat belts. Combined with air bags and other safety features, seat belts can dramatically increase the chances of surviving even very severe accidents. Teenagers should be reminded about the need to wear seat belts so that it becomes a habit for life. Even short journeys carry the risk of road accidents, so seat belts should be work at all times.

6) Equipment failure.
It’s essential that you keep your vehicle in good working order and have regular checks for faults. Regular servicing and repairs are positive steps towards reducing the risk of accidents. Failure of brakes or steering systems and worn out tires can all lead to serious problems.

At the SunGate Insurance Agency, we take the safety and protection of our customers seriously. We hope you don’t have any car accidents but if you do, we’ll have you covered with the right car insurance. If you’re not thrilled with your current auto insurance get a quote from us today!

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