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4 Driving Hazards That May Keep You From Being Merry This Holiday

Holidays are not just about the season to be jolly. It can also be the most dangerous time of the year for some drivers. There are many reasons why drivers become reckless and out of focus during the holidays, leading to accidents and fatalities.
Drivers are not always alert and attentive. They can become tired, sleepy, and impaired. If you combine such behaviors with winter elements like ice, snow, and low visibility, the result can potentially spell disaster.

Here are the top four driving hazards that usually happen to drivers during the holidays:

1. Driving When Fatigued. Winter holidays come with a lot of activities and busy schedules. These are often the reason for lack of sleep, and the result is feeling weak and exhausted. A study has shown that drivers who sleep 5 hours or less are increasing their likelihood of getting into an accident.

2. Driving When Pressured. People are more stressed during the holidays. There are financial obligations to deal with. Also, there are so many things to do but the time seems not enough. A driver that is pressured tends to lose the ability to fully concentrate while on the wheel. Those drivers who cannot handle pressure well would drive too fast, quite aggressive, and choose to ignore safety driving guidelines.

3. Driving While Impaired. Holidays mean attending countless of celebrations, events, and parties. Aside from food, these usually include beverages and sometimes drugs. These are the moments when people drink plenty of alcohol, which causes them to be incapacitated.

4. Driving When Distracted. A lot of factors make people become absent minded and inattentive while driving their cars during the holidays. They may look at the houses and stores filled with blinking lights and and festive decorations that they pass by.

Drivers may also use their mobile phones greeting family and friends. These include checking in their social media accounts.

Sad to say that a driver can exhibit all the four behaviors given above while on the road. Do not add to the statistics that cause accidents, injuries, and death. Always keep safety your main priority.

This year, protect yourself and everyone inside you in the vehicle. Before you drive, make sure your mind is clear from any substances. Set aside your worries when you start to drive. In addition, buy your personal auto insurance for extra protection.

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