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5 Steps To Protect Your Home Against Hurricanes

Going against hurricanes seems like an impossible task. Strong winds, heavy rain, and flooding may seem too much to handle for your home. You may feel hopeless against these forces, but there are ways you can give your home a better chance against it. The following are some ways you can help protect your home against hurricanes.
1. Secure entry points

Doors and windows will be the weakest point in your home.  Board up your windows with plywood during storms to strengthen them.  Another alternative approach is to install storm shutters or impact -resistant windows.  Broken windows not only scatter glass but also exposes your home.  It gives rain, strong winds, and even debris an entry point into your home.

2. Secure outdoor objects

Any loose debris outside can fly away, or worse, fly into your home.  Not only damaging your home but endangering the people inside.  Consider keeping surrounding trees trimmed.  Tie loose objects down or putting them inside storage.  Make sure any potentially dangerous items around your home is kept and secure.  

3. Protect indoor appliances

Due to the storm, your area can have power loss or power surges.  A power surge may only last a split second but can severely damage the appliance inside your home.  You can avoid this by unplugging or installing a surge protector in your home.

4. Prepare for flood

Heavy rain tremendously increases the chances of flood.  Park your car in higher ground to avoid it being submerged.  Unplug all electrical appliances in cases water enters your home.  You can help prevent flood from entering your home by placing sandbags in the entrances.  Place them at least 2 feet high.  If you do not have access to sandbags, you can makeshift a barrier by filling heavy duty garbage bags with water.  

5. Prepare emergency supplies

During emergencies, you may lose access to food, water, electricity, and other basic necessities.  It is a good idea to keep an emergency supply bag in this case. Fill your bag with food, drinking water, blankets, flashlights, medical supplies, first aid kit, clothes, and batteries. An AM radio is also a good idea to have. This keeps you in touch for any evacuation procedures and other important news.  Make sure supplies can last you a couple of days since you will not know how long you will need it.


There are many ways you can protect your home. However, no protection is complete without a good home insurance policy.  In cases all your precautionary steps still fail, your coverage should not.  Talk to your agent about getting the best protection for your home.

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