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Your Florida insurance consultant will help you compare plans 

How to Get the Best Insurance Rates: We Shop Around, Compare Insurance Plans and Coverage For You, For Free!

Your Florida insurance consultant will help you compare plans Insurance is a competitive market: if you doubt it, simply watch TV for a few minutes and count how many ads you see for the big, national insurance companies. Those ads make it seem like purchasing insurance directly from them is both easy and cost-effective. In fact, most insurance experts agree that the best way to get appropriate insurance coverage to meet your needs while still saving money is to work with a local insurance consultant or insurance broker.  

An insurance consultant or insurance broker (both terms mean the same thing) works directly for the client, not for the insurance company. Unlike insurance agents, who work directly for the insurance companies and get paid when they sell you their company’s insurance, a broker (or consultant) is an independent, fully licensed insurance professional who’s job, as mandated by law, is to represent the interests of the client. Moreover, an insurance broker gets paid a commission already built into the price of the insurance policy, so you don’t even have to pay them any additional fees (in most cases)!  

Sungate Insurance Agency is a group of local, independent insurance consultants working right here in central Florida. Our job is to help you assess your insurance needs by identifying specific risks and liabilities, then helping you compare quotes from many different insurance companies to ensure that you are getting the very policy at the very best rate. And because the local insurance consultants at Sungate Insurance Agency work for you, not for the big insurance companies, their goal is to help you obtain the very best insurance policy for you 

Benefits of Working with Independent—and Local—Insurance Consultants 

In addition to convenience of asking an insurance expert to gather and compare insurance plans, policies, coverages, and rates of many different insurance companies, obtaining your unique plan through a local, independent insurance consultant has a number of other significant benefits: 

  • Local knowledge of your neighborhoodInsurance rates, whether individual or business related, are heavily influenced by location. Because our consultants are local, operating right here in central Florida, they understand the community and the factors that impact insurance rates in this communityMost importantly, they know the specialized insurance requirements in this area, such as the need for additional flood and/or storm insurance. 
  • Specialized knowledge of the big insurance companies. When you need a payout on your policy, for whatever reason, the last thing you want to worry about is hassles and red tape. Because wwork with many different insurance companies, we have inside knowledge of which ones have a reputation for sterling customer service.  
  • We can save you money! The best way to save money on insurance is to shop around. Your local insurance consultant can gather and compare quotes from many different insurance companies. In addition, we can often bundle multiple types of coverages into one policy for even greater savings. And we can help you understand what steps you can take on your own, such as adding a home security system—to help reduce premiums.  

The insurance experts at Sungate Insurance Agency are independent, local consultants who live and work right here in Orlando, Florida. We understand the amazing benefits of owning a home and operating a business in central Florida, and we understand some of the unique insurance challenges that central Florida presents as well! So our goal is not only to ensure that you get the best insurance coverage at the best price, but also to promote the welfare of our neighborhood and our community! 

Your Florida insurance consultant will help you compare plans 

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