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Ways to Effectively Clean Wheels and Tires

Brakes are necessary for you to be able to stop your car. You cannot get rid of brake dust to give you a dirty set of wheels. Brake pads are composed of small metals called carbon fibers that bonds with the polymer adhesive. It can burn into the finish of your wheels and leave severe marks that are difficult to remove. The particles will eventually corrode, rust and damage the wheels if you leave it on the surface for a long time.

Through proper cleaning, polishing, and protection, you can easily have a freshly washed car with shiny and clean wheels. Read on, so you will know how to avoid the accumulation of brake dust on your wheels and to minimize the adverse effects.

What can be the best way to clean the wheels?

Know what type of wheels you have so you can choose the right wheel cleaner. There are a variety of types of wheels and rims. Each of it has their drawbacks and benefits. For example, the most basic form of edge available is the steel rim. They are usually strong and can do well in snow. Their heavy weight, unlike the light ones, provides better traction. These are also cheap in comparison to other alternatives. However, it may lower the center of gravity of the vehicle. It can decrease the handling and acceleration abilities.

The most common type of wheel nowadays is the Aluminum Alloy. It is versatile because it allows for higher levels of customization. It is more expensive but lighter than steel. Alloys may also be finished in a variety of ways including chrome plating, machine, paint and polish that makes it look aesthetically pleasing.

Tire Cleaners

Make sure that you choose a wheel cleaner that is safe for your kind of wheels. Follow the directions of the manufacturer all the time. Designed for automotive use, are all-purpose degreasers and cleaners are designed. They can be an excellent choice for cleaning wheels because they are usually safe on every surface. All-purpose degreasers and cleaning products made for commercial cleaning purposes might have chemicals that are not safe for your particular tire, painted surface or wheel. Always remember that you should buy the right cleaner for the job so you can avoid damage on your car surface.

Tire Brushes

You may want to use soft wheel brushes that will not mar the surface if your vehicle is scratch sensitive. Choose a firm tire brushes that can contour the tire’s sidewall. The ergonomic design will allow more surface area of the brush to be in contact with the tire when you scrub.

Auto Detailing Clay

Whenever pollution, tar, tree sap, rail dust and brake dust is present, they may embed themselves into the paint’s surface. Auto detailing clay can remove the bonded contaminants that make the wheel surface rough and gritty after washing. It is safe to use detailing clay on most non-porous surfaces, and they can make the wheels feel as smooth as glass.

Steps on How You Should Clean Wheels and Tires

Step 1: Gather the needed supplies
Use soft paint brushes that will not mar the wheel’s surface and are perfect for areas that are hard to reach. A vast assortment of brushes will help make cleaning easier and faster. Saturate them with the solution and soak them for a few minutes so that the bristle will soften regardless of the brush type.

Fill two buckets with water. The first one will be the wash bucket, and the other will be the rinse bucket. The wash bucket should contain enough car wash soap so it can help in lubricating the wheel and the bristles of the brushes when you clean them. The rinse bucket should have enough water.

Minimize the dirt that can be in contact with the wheel and keep the wash water clean by putting the brush in the rinse bucket before you put it back to the wash bucket after you scrub your tire.

Step 2: Coat wheel in cleaning solution and let it stay there.
Cover the barrel and the face of the wheel with cleaning solution. After you spray it down, leave the cleaner so it can dwell on the surface of the wheel for a few minutes before scrubbing.

Step 3: Clean the tire first before the wheel
Spray the tire cleaning solution on the tire. Let it dwell for a minute afterward. Before you scrub the wheel, scrub the tire down using your tire brush. Make sure that you get rid of all the dirt and grime with any old tire dressing.

Step 4: Clean and scrub the wheel
There may be no specific order of where you should begin, but we advise that you start with the wheel well. Afterward, move onto the face and start with the top of the wheel then work downwards. It follows the same logic when you wash your car so that the dirty solution will not run back to the clean surface.

Step 5: Rinse the wheel
Thoroughly clean the wheel using a pressure washer, hose or a primary shut-off valve if they are available.

Step 6: Dry the wheel using your hand and dress tire
Use a clean microfiber towel to dry the tire. Begin with the center and then work your way out behind each spoke. To be more efficient, you may also use a leaf blower.

(Bonds in tire dressing may last longer if the tire is clean.)

Use an old but clean wax applicator pad or microfiber applicator pad to apply the tire dressing. Run the bead of dressing down the center of the pad. Spread it evenly over the tire and let it cure for a few minutes. When it’s finished, go over the tire using the applicator’s clean side so you can buff off the excess dressing.

Warning: AVOID the application of tire dressing to the parts of the tire that may contact the road. It can be very dangerous.

Step 7: Increase protection
Add protection to the surface you cleaned so you can enhance the shine of the wheel and make your next cleaning easier and faster. It will be great if you check for the use of your product or contact the manufacturer to know if they are safe on your wheels and if they can hold up against severe temperatures.

Step 8: Move to the other wheels and do everything all over again
You may now admire the result of your work in cleaning your tires and wheels. Do the same steps for the other wheels.

It is important to keep your vehicle maintained, cleaned and washed so it can last longer. Start protecting your car today. Let us assist you with your auto insurance inquiry. Visit our office or give us a call at (407) 878-7979​. SunGate Insurance Agency has specialties in meeting your coverage. Click here to get a free quote from us.

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