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Top Car Maintenance Tips for Teenagers

​According to a survey, teens are the most clueless when it comes to maintaining their car. If you don’t keep up with your car’s routine maintenance, you’re more likely to run into problems on the road or even have an accident.
​Here are tips for parents and teens to keep their cars running well.

1) Keep up with service by knowing the car’s maintenance intervals.

Check the owner’s manual. Look for the required maintenance schedule of the vehicle. It can tell you when to get oil and filter changes, fluids, brakes and new tires.

2) Take care of the tires and make sure that they can bring you to work or school.

Check if the tires underwent proper inflation. Also, check for tire wear. Consult the tire sticker inside the door or the owner’s manual. Here, you’ll see the tire pressure settings that the manufacturer recommends. Check for wear and tear on your tire whenever you stop for gas.

3) Don’t the warning lights on the dashboard.

The dashboard warning light will notify you if something is wrong with the vehicle. The warnings are Tire sensors, Brake, Temperature, Oil, Check Engine and more. It will depend on the technology of the car. Pay close attention to the lights and read the owner’s manual. It will tell you their meaning and how you should respond to them

7) Never let the vehicle run too low or out of gasoline.

Fuel is food for the car to survive. Nowadays, cars cannot drive all the way to the last drop. Lots of fuel-injected engines use gas for lubrication. It also cools their components. Keep the fuel level above the quarter tank, so your car will run well and avoid getting stranded on the road.

8) Take care of the windshield.

The windshield is your view of the road. It is important to keep it clear and clean so that you can drive. Replace wiper blades whenever they have cracks that leave smears, streak or skip. Check if the spray nozzles have the proper aim. Clean the vents using a needle if there is clogging.

9) Teen life may move fast but your car should not.

Avoid speeding by slowing down. You may be late for school, or you think that it’s fun to drive fast. It is better to maintain your car well. Avoid speeding so you can be safe on the road. Driving too fast is dangerous for you and terrible for your vehicle. Slow driving lessens the demand on the transmission and engine of your vehicle. It can also reduce the gas you use in the process. Avoid the driving habits that can strain and stress your car.

Teen training is the start to have a lifetime of good safety habits. Prepare the teenage driver so that he will be aware of the condition of his car. It can prevent mishaps from occurring. When you have teenagers, you might worry about a broken down vehicle, a stranded car or a flat tire.

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