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Protecting Your Business Against Cyber Attacks

If your business has an online presence, it can be targeted for attacks.  We hear about high-profile and big companies being targets, but that does not mean it does not happen for smaller businesses.  No matter how small your business is, as long as you have an online presence, it’s best to take the following steps.
1. Train the team

Awareness is key to protecting against attack.  Make sure your team is aware of potential dangers.  Enforce guidelines and policies to safe internet use and handling sensitive data.  Require strong passwords and strict security practices.  

2. Always update to the latest patches

Make sure operating systems, anti-virus, security software, web browsers, and others are always up-to date with the latest patches.  Use the most recent and latest versions when possible.  Set up antivirus scans regularly. Always maintain a clean computer.

3.  Use firewalls

Firewalls prevent outsiders from entering and accessing your private network.  Secure your network with the proper infrastructure.  Make sure your operating system firewall is enabled and active.  If you have employees working from home, make sure their connection is secure.  

4. Always make back-ups

Always back-up your data.  Regularly backup all data, from word documents, spreadsheets, client information, internal information, and other vital information.  This can be scheduled automatically or done manually.  Keep the back-up in a secure offsite location or in the cloud.

5.  Limit access

You can limit visitors and guests access to your computers or network.  Prevent an entry point for any intruders. Control the physical access to your equipment.  Laptops, tablets, and mobile devices used for business are easy targets.  Avoid loss of these items by following security protocols.  

Employees should not have access to all data.  Only allow access to data that will be required of their role.  Limit the amount of people who have access to sensitive data.

6. Passwords

Require your employees to use passwords.  Make sure they are strong passwords and comply with a set of determined policies.  They should be changed at least every 3 months.  You may want to explore different authorization techniques.


It is not only physical dangers that can put your business at risk.  With our heavy dependence on online technology, cyber attacks have also grown.  The many benefits of internet technology in business makes online presence inevitable.  Even if your business is not online based, having a website or email can put you at risk.  Complete your protection by having cyber insurance.  

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