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Let us compare the best dental insurance plans for you and your family!

​Taking care of your teeth is an important part of ensuring your overall health and critical for a beautiful smile. 
While seeing a dentist regularly can get expensive, especially if you have a family or need significant corrective work, the right dental insurance plan can help defray those costs and make proper dental care easy and affordable. That being said, finding the right dental insurance can be tricky. Understanding what coverage dental plans offer and ensuring that you get the right plan at the right price is more challenging than you might think.
It’s important to correct a common misunderstanding right up front. Unlike health insurance, most dental insurance plans are not meant to be 100% comprehensive: whereas health insurance should cover most (if not all) of your medical bills, most dental insurance plans are intended only to provide coverage for basic care and potentially help cover the cost of major dental work. Therefore, it is critical to identify the type of dental care you and your family are likely to require and compare a variety of plans to ensure that you get the coverage you need.
The good news is that lots of companies out there today offer high quality dental insurance. And you could, if you wanted to, contact each of those insurance company independently to obtain a quote. However, identifying all of the different companies offering dental insurance and working your way through their automated information system can be time-consuming. And trying to compare a variety of different policies—their benefits, their rates, their limitations—is extremely challenging, to put it mildly.
We have a simpler solution, one that will definitely save you time and probably save you money, while ensuring that you get the right dental insurance plan for you and your family: let an independent insurance agent do the hard work for you. Comparing insurance plans to get the right benefits at the right price is literally what we do! The benefits of working with an independent insurance agent are numerous: we can help you identify exactly what level of coverage you need, we can gather a variety of quotes from a range of reputable insurance companies, and we can work with you to compare both the coverages and the rates, to ensure that you are getting the very best plan for you, at a price that you can afford.
The insurance experts at Sungate Insurance Agency have years of experience matching individuals and families with the best dental insurance plans to cover their needs. Because we are independent, we don’t work for the insurance company, we work for you. Our goal is not to get you the most expensive plan, because let’s face it: if you are young and have great teeth, you probably don’t need the most expensive plan that “covers everything”. On the other hand, if you have a lifetime of wear and tear to deal with, you may want a more comprehensive (and more expensive) plan but one that has limited “waiting periods” and a higher annual maximum. With a variety of different plans available today, working with a knowledgeable, experienced insurance expert will ensure that you get exactly what you need to keep your smile healthy for years to come!
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