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How to Make Your Family Car Last Longer

​Being a parent is no easy task. There are a lot of things you need to take care of in a day. You have your kids, your work, the house and who knows what else. And because of that, we often overlook car maintenance. It’s easy to forget when we know our car is doing well. But for it to last long, you need to do your part. Here are some tips you should bear in mind to keep your car running.
Inspect your car when you’re gassing it up.

People often fill up their tank on the weekend. Thus, it is an excellent time for you to perform a quick inspection of your car.

  • Inspect your tires. Check the pressure and watch for signs of wear.
  • Remove the trash from your car while you’re at the gas station. Doing so is crucial to its resale value.
  • Check antifreeze, oil, and other fluids at least once a month.

Perform car maintenance regularly.

For your car to work well for a long time, it requires you to do regular maintenance and oil changes. Those are the tasks you should never ignore. While oil change can cost you, it is nothing compared to the cost of repairs when the oil doesn’t properly lubricate the parts.

Install sensors and other technology.

New cars nowadays already have sensors installed in them. These sensors will help you remember if your vehicle needs an oil change or tire check. If you have an older car, there are a lot of apps available that you can download to send you car maintenance reminders.

If you are the type o person who keeps a planner, make a note on your monthly to-do list. Some companies send reminders to have your tires checked. Don’t forget to check other important things as well. That includes your brakes and transmission, whatever is recommended for your car.

Have the same auto shop for repair and maintenance.

Take your car to the same shop that does your oil change or repairs.  Chances are, they’re the ones who know you and your cars well. They can also teach you how to take care of your particular car since they’d be comfortable talking to you about problems. You will also get better customer service and your car will be maintained by someone you already trust.

It is important to keep your car well-maintained. That way, you’ll be able to use it for a long time. Aside from that, you may also get discounts on your insurance premiums. As your car ages, its value decreases. Therefore, insurers will likely reduce your premiums.
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