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Car Hacks You may Not Know About

From spilled drinks to broken belts, car ownership can be such a pain. Dealing with these minor problems can take up a lot of time and money. Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case. There are various ways to prevent or solve such headaches. Here are some life-changing car hacks you should know about.
Extending your key’s range by using your head

Have you ever had trouble finding your car in a giant parking lot? Try putting your key remote under your chin. It is said that the fluid in your head conducts a signal, thereby extending its range. This way, even if your car is a few rows further, it’ll be easier to find.

Glass cracks can be filled with a nail polish

In one of your many road trips, a piece of road debris may hit your windshield, leaving a crack or chip in the glass. It doesn’t stop there as the damage may spread, thereby limiting your visibility. A clear nail polish will come in handy with this problem, though. Apply a thin layer of clear nail polish on the glass crack (both inside and outside of the windshield). Doing so will fill it in, preventing the crack from growing.

Clean your headlights using a toothpaste

After a few years of being on the road, your car’s headlights can be clouded. While you can easily replace them, doing so can be costly. But there’s an inexpensive way to solve the problem: squeeze toothpaste onto a brush or rag and start scrubbing. The gentle suds in toothpaste will help remove the surface layer of the headlight’s housing, thereby restoring it to a bright condition.

Stockings for snapped belts

Older vehicles are more likely to have worn out drive belts that can snap unexpectedly. These drive belts are necessary for your engine to keep running, and a permanent solution may be a difficult option. If you’re in this situation, stockings can come in handy. Wrap the stockings as firmly as you can around the pulleys of the engine, and then tie the ends in a knot.

Keep your take-out food warm using your car

Your take-out food can get cold as you drive yourself from the restaurant to your home. If your car has seat warmers, turn it on and put the food on top of the seat.

Use hand sanitizer on frozen door locks

During the winter season, the locks of your car door can be frozen shut, leaving you trapped outside. To quickly melt the ice, use an alcohol-based sanitizer,

Remove old sticker residues

Maybe you’ve put a sticker on your car before, and you now want to remove it. But when you peeled the sticker off, it left residue on your car. Get a newspaper and get it damp with water. Lay it over the residue and let it sit for 15 minutes. Doing so will soften the gunk, therefore making it easier to remove.

While it’s nice to know some hacks that make your life easier, it’s much better to be fully protected at all times. Sungate Insurance Agency offers auto insurance products that you can tailor according to your needs for a competitive price. You can get a free quote by clicking here and don’t hesitate to discuss your options with our agents. Call us at (407) 878-7979 or visit us today!

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