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5 Things Your New Company’s Location Should Have

​When you’re starting a new business, one of the most important decisions to make is where to setup your business location. We work with a lot of new business owners to insure their office space here in Lake Mary, Heathrow, and surrounding areas and in the course of doing so we’ve learned a lot about the important aspects of any new business location.
​If you’re looking to open an office location to start your new business, here are 5 things you’ll want to consider:

1. Proximity to Mass transit:  Is your company close to public transportation? Is that something that may be important to your customers or employees? A lot of the citizens in the Lake Mary area drive cars but there’s a good amount of people who don’t and if they’re going to be any part of your new business it’s important to keep that in consideration. 

2. Proximity to Highway: If your new location is located close to I-4 or Route 417 you’ll be able to hire and find customers from a larger radius of the Northern Orlando area.  For every five minutes closer your business is to the highway, your client and employee base can expand by 5 miles down the highway.

3. Facility:  Another big issue with location is the quality of the physical space you’re working in. Is your building outdated and crumbling? Dirty or ill-maintained? A recent survey indicated that a company’s restroom condition was an indicator of the company’s values. Not everyone can afford a fancy office space, but you can make sure the maintenance staff is diligent in keeping it clean and compliant with various building codes. The quality of your building rubs off on the impression customers have of your business and how hard your employees work.

4. Parking:  There are few things worse than getting to work and having to fight for a parking space. Being able to quickly park and make a short walk into the workplace should be the least of your concerns.

5. Amenities:  This can refer to both the inside and outside of a workplace. With so much of your employees time spent sitting at a desk in front of a computer, people will benefit from getting a chance to stretch their legs and relieve their eyes. This could mean a workout facility on the campus, or just a small pond or lake to walk around.

Are You Ready to Start Your Business?
In addition to having the right location for your agency it’s important to choose other local companies you can work with and trust, like our insurance agency. We insure a large percentage of Lake Mary businesses, give us a call at (407) 878-7979 or contact us online and we’ll make sure insurance is the easiest part of launching your new business. 


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