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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Local Home Owners Insurance Agency

Your house is your greatest financial asset. More importantly, though, it is your home, the focus around which your whole life revolves: where you come “home” every night after a long day, where you gather with friends, family, and loved ones, and where you keep most of your worldly possessions.
So it is critical that your home—and your peace of mind—is protected against damage caused by fire, weather, or other unexpected and potentially catastrophic events.

The simplest way to protect your home, your financial future, and your peace of mind is through a comprehensive home owners insurance policy (often required by lenders before they will offer a mortgage). Home owners insurance gives you the financial freedom to repair damage to your home, potentially replace contents within your home, and even rebuild your home in case of a total loss. So it’s critical that you have the right home owners insurance policy—with the correct level of coverage—to ensure that you are protected should the worst case scenario happen.

Select the right home insurance policy, one that will provide the coverage you need at the price you want, can be more complicated than you expect. Ensuring that you get the right coverage for your home and understanding the specific hazards your home faces, requires a degree of localized knowledge and specialized expertise that you just can’t get from national companies. Therefore, most insurance experts recommend that you utilize a local insurance agent who can work directly with you to find the best home owners insurance policy for you.

Here are five specific reasons why you should work with a local insurance agency when setting up or changing home owners insurance:

1. A local agent knows the specific hazards facing your home.

Every state—indeed, every community—faces different environmental and weather-related challenges that can have a significant impact on your home owners insurance. So it’s critical to work with a local agent who understands these specific hazards and how to insure your home against them. In Florida, for instance, one of the greatest threats facing homeowners is flooding, a hazard not covered by a standard policy. As a local Orlando business, Sungate Insurance Agency understands the critical importance of protecting your home against flooding, hurricanes, and other hazards facing homes in central Florida.

2. A local agent understands the real estate market in your community.

Even small variations between and changes to local neighborhoods can impact the value of your home, and therefore the coverage required for your insurance policy. For instance, some neighborhoods may see a surge in home renovations or re-builds, increasing the value of surrounding homes. Other neighborhoods may be more impacted by localized flooding and sewage backup due to nearby swamps or wetlands. Representatives of national companies working multiple states away simply cannot have the same local, specialized knowledge of your community as your local agent does, knowledge that is required to ensure that your policy meets the requirements demanded by the location of your home and your neighborhood.

3. A local agent is dedicating to build a long-term relationship with you.

Owning a home is a long-term investment in your future. However, the insurance you need to protect that investment will change over time, whether due to home renovations, a growing family, or even the addition of a second home or recreational vehicle. Your local insurance agent is dedicated to getting to know you and building a relationship with you, so that he or she can ensure that your insurance policy—or policies—change, grow, and mature as your needs change and mature.

4. A local agent is nearby and easy to reach when an in-person approach is required.

You might think it’s easier to fill out a form online than to talk to a live person. Unfortunately, however, when shopping for insurance online or via an automated phone system, it’s extremely difficult to ensure that you are getting the right level of coverage (even if you think you are getting the “right” price). Your local insurance agent, on the other hand, really is just a phone call away, or even just an office visit away for those times when it’s important to see the paperwork right in front of you. And this is especially critical in times of emergency when you need to quickly make a claim!

5. A local agent is dedicated to the success of your community.

As a local business owner, your local insurance agent is dedicated not only to your success, but to the success of your community as a whole. That means that when a catastrophe hits your community, your local agent will be there, in person as a member of the community, to ensure that your insurance company does what it takes to rebuild in a timely fashion.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Local Home Owners Insurance Agency


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